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ArchiGarden Sprinkler

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Funny & Cool

This flower-shaped garden sprinkler will dance and rage while watering your yard, lawn, or garden. And it looks hilarious while doing so. A perfect solution to water your garden and make your family happy.

Effective Watering

The lawn sprinklers are more convenient than manual sprinkling. They are not complicated as the underground ones which need professionals to install and maintain. They are effortless to install. Getting such a water sprinkler will keep your small garden at home flourishing and evergreen.

High-Grade Material

Being made of high-grade materials, the dancing daisy garden sprinklers are highly durable. They are very suitable for small farming projects, and yard, lawn, or garden irrigation.

Easy to Use

Just connect the cute lawn sprinkler to a standard garden hose and start watering your garden. If the normal faucet supply pressure is small and cannot make the daisy dance, a 2/3 water pipe adapter is needed and is connected to the white port at the bottom of the daisy. The adapter is available in supply stores.


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