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Back Cleaning Brush

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 Enjoy a home pedicure

You simply move your feet back and forth on the massage bristles and thousands of massage bristles will effectively clean the soles of your feet, remove dead skin and massage every acupuncture point.

Multifunctional massage pad

The massage pad can be used not only for foot massage and cleaning, but also for cleaning your back, elbows, buttocks, anywhere you want. Effectively relieves foot and leg fatigue after long hours of work, hiking, running, etc.

Easy to use and store

Hundreds of strong suction cups on the back of the foot brush scrubber keep the foot brush scrubber from sliding around when in use. The top has hook holes for hanging the foot scrubber up for storage and drying after use.

Flexible and durable material

the foot cleaning massager has excellent flexibility and resilience and easily resists ageing factors such as water, heat, mould, humidity and chemicals in shower gels.

Good for your health

This foot massage pad exfoliates, relieves smelly feet and foot ailments, massages acupuncture points, improves blood circulation, improves foot problems and increases your health.

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