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Biradu™ Makeup Reading Glasses

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Wear Readers And Struggle To Apply Makeup?


Need readers to see clearly and find it difficult to put on eye makeup?
You can accomplish both with this handy invention!
Flip the lens to the other eye to allow you to work on each eye unhindered while keeping both hands free. Streaks, smears, and uneven makeup can be avoided with ease.

Don't Miss Any Details!

You know how hard it is to do your makeup when you have trouble seeing.
The Eyepixel Makeup Reading Glasses allows you to be really precise in your makeup routine like never before.
You even look stylish using them, and anyone can wear and use them!

Ready To Look Good Everyday?

Eyepixel Makeup Reading Glasses will help you:
✅ Trim your brows perfectly
✅ Put on makeup without squinting
✅ Put on lashes without glasses getting in the way
✅ Wear makeup with fun and ease
✅ Feel good about your makeup!


Material: AC lense+PC frame

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