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Biradu™ Chest of drawers divider

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Revolutionize the way you organize and store!Say goodbye to clutter and stay tidy.


  • Multi-purpose drawer dividers These drawer organizers can be installed in any drawer in your home or office. For example, you can use it as an organizer for kitchen cutlery and silverware drawers, for cosmetic drawers, for bathroom towel drawers and as a drawer divider for clothes such as socks, underwear, bras and ties. It can even be used as an organizer for office drawers and tool boxes.


  • 🧦Expandable and Customizable Design Each of our drawer dividers and inserts has a retractable design. The expandable design fits most drawers and closets, and you can customize it to fit the size of the drawers in your home.

  • 👕Time and space saving Can't find what you need in the overcrowded drawers? These drawer dividers will help you organize your drawers and keep your drawers neat and organized at all times! Drawer organizers rationally distribute drawer space and give you a clear view, so you can find everything you need when you need it. Using our drawer dividers will take your organization to a new level.

  • 💄EVA anti-slip mat + spring loaded design The ends of these tool drawer organizers are covered with high quality EVA anti-slip mat, so they won't scratch or damage the inside walls of your drawers and leave no marks or residue. In addition, the end-covered Eva foam sponge pads for drawer organizer are more stable and won't shift easily. The reinforced spring tension mechanism will not break apart over time, the reinforced spring tension keeps each divider in place and upright.




  • Material: ABS

  • Color: white

  • Weight: 350g Product size:

  • Size: 


  • Chest of drawers divider

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