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Biradu™ Ice Ring Neck Cooler

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Keep your body cool even during the hottest of days using this hanging ice ring neck cooling wrap!

This innovative neck ring features a special refrigerant liquid that automatically provides an all-body ice-like cooling after freezing. Allowing you to stay perfectly cool and refresh under the heat of summer season or after a long tiring activity and intense workout. Moreover, it has impressive long-lasting qualities that can continuously release a steady, optimal cooling temperature for 10 hours. Simply freeze the cooling neck ring to a freezer, ice box, or any other cooler below 18 °C first for a few minutes. After that you can now hang it around the neck to cool your body temperature! No more batteries or time-consuming charging needed!

Designed ergonomically to specially fit to almost all neck sizes with excellent comfort. It is also conveniently light so you can enjoy that pleasant cooling effect for a prolonged time without neck strain, fatigue, or discomfort. No worries as this ice neck wrap is also completely non-leaking and it does not cause skin any irritations like necrosis due to freezing. Suitable cooling body temperature during jogging, cycling, strolling, walking dogs, traveling, heatwave, beach, vacation, study, or post exercise, sports and so on. Made with premium quality materials that can withstand years of usage and exposure to low temperature without wearing-off.    

Beat body overheating anytime, anywhere you are with this hanging ice ring neck cooling wrap!


  • All-Body Cooling Effect
    An excellent ice wrap tube that can be hung snuggly around the neck which successfully provides a pleasant cooling and instant relief. It efficiently helps to naturally cool down your entire body temperature especially after a long tiring activity or intense workout. Moreover, this hanging ice tube also works to keep you fresh and cool even as you splurge under the scorching heat of sun and summer months. Simply stash it inside the freezer, refrigerator, ice water, ice box, or other cooler below 18°C to chill. After a few minutes of chilling, you can now hang it around the neck to give you that rapid cooling relief, and you're good to go! 

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Adopts a special refrigerant liquid quality that can maintain an optimal cooling temperature for a longer period. Allowing you to stay perfectly cool and conditioned for a maximum 10 hours long even on the hottest of days. Preventing you from the risk of heatstroke, severe dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, dizziness, and so much more. No worries as you can effortlessly freeze and refreeze it anytime for as fast as 30 minutes or less with no more charging or battery needed!

  • Ergonomic Design
    Features a round like design that fits and sits comfortably to almost all neck sizes. It is highly lightweight to ensure that it can be worn continuously without experiencing fatigue, movement restriction, and other neck discomfort. This ice ring does not also leak even a single drop of liquid to keep your skin and clothes from getting damp. Additionally, it enables you to enjoy endless coolness anytime without causing any skin irritations like necrosis or frostbite due to freezing.

  • Multiple-Usage Cooling
    Can be used for cooling up and providing relief to all of your body parts. Suitable when jogging, cycling, strolling, walking dogs, traveling, post exercise or workout, after sports and other intense activities, during heatwave, beach, vacation, study, and more possibilities. The neck cooling wrap can also assist in alleviating itchiness, minor swelling, and preventing heatstroke.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality TPU plastic material and advanced refrigerant properties that supplies a great cooling effect at a consistent temperature. It also boasts an exceptional durability that can withstand years of usage and multiple exposure to low temperatures without damaging or deforming. Moreover, this ice ring does create any toxic leaching to ensure the wearer’s safety and health at all times. 


  • Material: TPU, PCM
  • Size: 17x17cm
  • Neckband Length: 48cm
  • Type: Unisex
  • Color: Blue / Mint / Pink / Purple / White


  • 1 xBiradu™ Ice Ring Neck Cooler

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