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Biradu™ Sud Scrubber

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How is it different than my loofah?

The Biradu™ Sud Scrubber visibly produces more suds and lathers 3x times more than your average loofah. Our proprietary design helps to eliminate dead skin cells and surface build-up, up to 2x more effectively than a traditional loofah. Throw away that old loofah and unveil a smoother, clearer and more vibrant complexion.

Our Secret Is In Our Design, It's Like Magic

Perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types: The exfoliating bristles gently remove trapped oil and dead skin to reveal softer, healthier skin. The silver-infused silicone prevents odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew from growing on its surface. This type of dirt & bacteria lingers on traditional loofahs, making you break out in acne on various parts of your body.

Eco-Friendly & Built to Last Longer

We are an eco-friendly based company so we built the Biradu™ sud scrubber to be plastic-free, 100% recyclable & have a use life of 1 whole year! No more buying a new loofah every couple weeks and having it fall apart, ours is built to withstand rough use and it's super durable.

Real People with Real Results

"I could not believe the amount of suds this produces, how soft it lathers & the amount of dead skin that came off at first use. I've struggled with excess oil and dirt build-up along with having sensitive skin, and since using the Sud Scrubber, I've noticed such a huge difference in my complexion. Highly recommend, you will not regret it!" - Jessica Lou - Portland, Oregon USA

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