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Boiled-perfect Egg Timer

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Cook your eggs to perfection every time

Are you tired of guessing how long to boil your eggs? Want to make perfect eggs every time? or Are you a busy mom who wants to make perfect eggs for your children but don't have time to constantly check on them? or Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to eat healthy but find it hard to cook perfect eggs? Try our Colorshift Egg Timer today and make perfectly cooked eggs every time while staying on track with your healthy eating goals!

Introducing the perfect Egg Timer, a one-of-a-kind egg timer that can be immersed in the same boiling water as your eggs. This innovative timer changes colors based on the temperature of the water, allowing you to cook your eggs to your preferred hardness or softness. Say goodbye to undercooked or overcooked eggs and hello to perfectly boiled eggs every time with the perfect Egg Timer.

Easy to use and compact design, Immiscible in boiling water

The perfect Egg Timer is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the timer in the pot along with your eggs and let it absorb the heat. The timer will change colors based on the temperature of the water, indicating when your eggs are cooked to your desired level of doneness. The timer calculates soft, medium, hard, and stages in between, so you can get a perfect boiled egg every time.

This egg timer is designed to be small and compact, with a package size of 70 x 55 x 55 mm. Its weight is 0.08KG, making it easy to store and convenient to use.

Note: Product images are taken in-kind, but due to lighting problems, pictures may have a slight chromatism. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please consider this before the purchase. Please allow a slight deviation for the measurement data.

Perfect for busy mornings, meal prep, and hosting brunch

This egg timer is an essential kitchen gadget for busy mornings, meal prep, or hosting brunch. It is made of durable and heat-resistant materials that make it perfect for use in boiling water. Get your hands on the perfect Egg Timer and take the guesswork out of cooking perfectly boiled eggs every time.


  1. Consistency: The Egg Timer takes the guesswork out of egg cooking, allowing you to achieve perfect consistency every time, whether you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard.

  2. Convenience: The timer is small, lightweight, and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It allows you to immerse it in the same pot of boiling water as your eggs, and will change color to indicate the doneness of your eggs.

  3. Style: The Egg Timer not only functions well but also has sleek and stylish design, it's sure to complement any kitchen décor

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