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EcoFlow: Micro Drip Multi-Mode Irrigation System

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💧 Simple install, water all plants at once!

🌳 Unique 4x6 connector boosts water pressure

💦 3 sprayer modes for custom watering.

🌍 Save up to 70% water, targeting root zone.

🔄 Perfect for lawns, patios, roof cooling & more!

Efficient Water Usage

Micro Drip Multi-Mode Irrigation System can save up to 70% in water usage compared to traditional watering methods. This system delivers just the right amount of water to where your plants need it most - the root zone, resulting in less water waste.

Outdoor Cooling

In addition to providing irrigation, the system also functions as an outdoor cooling mechanism. By creating a fine mist, it can decrease the surrounding temperature by up to 20℃ or 68℉, making your outdoor areas more comfortable during hot summer days.


✅ Time-Saving: Automated and able to water all your plants simultaneously, this system saves you valuable time that would be spent on manual watering. You can set it up and let it handle your irrigation needs while you focus on other tasks.

✅ Customizable Watering: The system's adjustable nozzles and multiple spraying modes allow for individualized watering based on each plant's specific needs. This feature ensures optimal growth conditions for a variety of plant types.

✅ Easy Installation: The EcoFlow irrigation system is designed for easy installation without the need for professional help, digging, or plumbing skills. This makes it a convenient choice for users of all experience levels.

How It Works?

The EcoFlow: Micro Drip Multi-Mode Irrigation System works by using a series of interconnected tubing and adjustable nozzles to deliver water directly to the plants' root zones. Here's a step-by-step rundown of its operation:

  1. Installation: First, you install the system by connecting the irrigation tubing to your water source. The tubing is then distributed throughout the area you wish to irrigate. Each tube will have adjustable nozzles or emitters attached to it. The whole process is straightforward, requiring no digging or plumbing skills.
  2. Water Distribution: Once installed, water from your source flows through the main tube. This water is then divided into 16 tributaries through a 4x6-way connector, effectively increasing the water pressure to reach every area of your garden.
  3. Irrigation: At each point along the tubing, water is released through the emitters or nozzles directly onto the soil. These nozzles are individually adjustable and offer two spraying modes, columnar and foggy, to customize the irrigation to each plant's needs.
  4. Misting: In addition to the direct watering, the system can also produce a water mist for cooling outdoor spaces. When activated, the system releases a fine mist of water droplets into the air, which absorb the heat and cool the surrounding air temperature.
  5. Automation: The system can be set up to operate automatically. This means that even when you're away, your plants will receive the water they need, and your outdoor spaces can be cooled for comfort.
  6. Water Saving: Due to the precise nature of its watering, this irrigation system can save up to 70% in water usage. It delivers the right amount of water directly to where it's needed most, at the root zone, preventing water waste through evaporation or runoff.

Remember that for optimal operation and longevity of the EcoFlow: Micro Drip Multi-Mode Irrigation System, it's important to follow the included instructions for installation and maintenance, and to adjust the watering settings to suit the specific needs of your plants.

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