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Hands Plaster Statue Kit (60% OFF TODAY!)

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A fun and gorgeous gift, suitable for family and love ones. A gift that definitely reminds you all the fun memories you have with your love ones and families!

Do it yourself Hand casting kit which ingredients includes sealant and acrylic pearl paint. Super easy to use!

The rubber mold can capture every thin line and fingerprint when you dip your hand inside the tub which make a beautiful and cute gift!


Mold making: The molding material is cold-qualified, non-toxic and non-allergenic. You just have to dip your hand on the molding gel and wait for about 30 seconds before pulling them back up.  The  entire set-up time is about 6 minutes, including mixing time.

Other items needed: Large rubber spatula for mixing molding materials, liquid measuring cups, glass and disposable bowl for mixing and making the molding gel.

After completion, you can dry the hand statue in a well-ventilated room for about a week to make sure the end product is completely dry.

Setting Up The Molding Gel And Dipping Your Hand Into The Gel:

After Dipping Your Hand Into The Molding Gel. Making The Hand Statue Gift:

Product Specifications:

Material: sealant, acrylic pearl paint 

Weight: 25g clone powder+25g model powder+4g gold powder+4g silver powder

Packing size: 8x12.2cm


Package Includes:

1*Hand Gift Mold Set

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