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Lemon Scent Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets (1 Bottles/ 16 PCS)

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Transform your bathroom cleaning routine with our Lemon Scent Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets!

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and unpleasant odors, and hello to sparkling clean freshness. Each pack contains 16 effervescent tablets infused with a delightful lemon scent, specially formulated to target dirt and grime while leaving behind a long-lasting fragrance.

Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl, let it fizz away, and watch as it tackles tough stains with ease. Make bathroom cleaning a breeze with our convenient and effective toilet bowl cleaner tablets!



POWERFUL FORMULA - Toilet bowl cleaner tablets contain active biological ingredients that can degrade biological components in stains, thereby easily cleaning areas in the toilet that cannot be cleaned with a toilet brush.

TOILET CLEANING TABLETS - Can be used to remove stubborn dirt below the waterline, as well as urine stains, limescale, rust stains, and old stains in the toilet bowl, achieving thorough cleanliness.

EFFORTLESS CLEANING - Effervescent tablets dissolve quickly, effectively cleaning the toilet during daily cleaning without the need for scrubbing, only for rust and scale. Stubborn stains may require gentle brushing.

GENTLE ON GLAZE - Adding stabilizers and citric acid forms a protective film on the surface of the toilet, effectively slowing down the formation of stains, keeping the toilet bright and shiny for a long time.

LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS - Leaves behind a lingering lemon scent that keeps your bathroom smelling inviting for hours. Each pack contains 16 tablets, providing you with ample supply for regular cleaning sessions.



Color: As shown

Quantity: 16pcs/box

Shelf life: 3 years


1 * Lemon Scent Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets


Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

Keep away from children to avoid contact or accidental ingestion.

Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to sunlight.

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