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SilkGlide Pro™

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Say Goodbye to Painful Hair Removal!

We understand the importance of comfort in your daily routine, which is why our product guarantees a gentle, pain-free shaving experience. With our 90-day money-back guarantee, we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Let us take care of your skin, so you can feel confident and cared for every day.

Relief from Traditional Razors: Discover SilkGlide Pro™

Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional razors and hello to the SilkGlide Pro™. Designed with your skin's health in mind, this innovative shaver offers a pain-free experience, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. Upgrade your grooming routine and feel the difference with SilkGlide Pro™

Go Anywhere with Confidence & Charm ❤️

Go anywhere with confidence this summer, from sunny beaches to poolside parties, with SilkGlide Pro™. Our innovative hair removal technology ensures you can showcase your body with pride, knowing every inch of your skin is smooth, radiant, and flawlessly hair-free. Embrace the freedom to wear what you want and feel amazing in your skin, every day.

What Makes The SilkGlide Pro™ Special

The SilkGlide Pro™ stands out with its innovative three-blade system, designed to provide a close, pain-free shave that caters to all skin types. Its waterproof design ensures versatility and convenience, making it perfect for use anytime, anywhere.

We surveyed more than 10,000 customers

We've listened to over 10,000 customers to perfect the SilkGlide Pro™. Your feedback helped us create a hair removal solution that's effective and gentle. At Ambeol, we're committed to evolving with your needs for products that truly resonate.

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Money Back Guarantee

30 Days money-back guarantee if you don't love it, we'll refund or exchange your order.

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Our customer care team is on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions. Simply reach out via and one of our friendly team will look after you.